The Show

Ride in Deadlands Park hearses from years long past to tomorrow in our custom-made funeral procession vehicles.

Show Times

Vehicles run regularly throughout opening hours until 30 minutes before closing.


Concept Art: Final product may vary.

Visual Theming

Guests can hop on and off specially modified hearses of the past and future at locations around the lagoon.

Vehicles are listed below:

  • The Coffin Cart -  old wooden hay lined donkey cart
  • Hearse and Buggy - Victorian style horse-drawn hearse with interior seating
  • Big Stretch - 50's style modern hearse with fins and drop down interior seating (convertible portion is weather dependent)
  • Modern Marvel - Sleek modern hearse
  • Hover Hearse - hearse of the future (may take cruises across lagoon, weather dependent) 

Merchandise for Hears-tory Vehicles and drivers coming soon.