The Show

An underground/cave-like "hedge maze" style attraction where guests are "buried alive' and must "dig their way out" of their not so shallow graves by finding their way through the maze. Will they find their way out, or will they remain Buried Alive...?


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No funeral, no mourners, and very little air left! You just woke up in a wooden box. It feels like… A COFFIN! You’re trapped! Can you “dig” your way through the grave maze? Is this a bad dream, or have you been Buried Alive?

The Experience:                                   

Guests must enter the grave-maze and try to find their way out of their own no so shallow grave.

Guests enter an entrance to a mausoleum and into small stone cavern in groups. The ushers there look like grave diggers and carry shovels. In the cave are a series of 5 doors shaped like coffin lids. Guests enter each coffin-door one at a time. The door closes and they are in a coffin.

Voice: (pounding on lid sound) “Let me out! Help! Anyone… is anyone there! Maybe this lid is loose, maybe if I push on it. The front coffin-door unlatches and guests push to open the door. From here guests see poorly dug corridors that appear to have been dug by hand. It is an underground “grave-maze”. Guests must navigate the twists and turns to find their way out of their grave and back to the cemetery through another small tomb exit.

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Story Sequence
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One way in and one way out...