The Show

Try not to hold your breath or scream as you are intrigued, delighted and horrified by the amazing Dr Mysterio.

From roving street tricks to his amazing stage show, you will enjoy the workings of the Dr as he decapitates a member of the audience and makes another disappear, only to reappear in the afterlife.

You will gasp in disbelief.

Show Times

Daytime Shows and Locations:

  • 10:00am - Lilith's Landing - The Lagoon - Hunt Side
  • 1:00pm - In the Street - Hunt Side
  • 3:30pm - Lilith's Landing - The Lagoon - Hunt Side

Night-time Shows and Locations:

  • 6:00pm - Lilith's Landing - The Lagoon - Hunt Side
  • 8:00pm - Lilith's Landing - The Lagoon - Hunt Side

Visual Proof Coming Soon...

Visual Theming

Step right up and witness the impossible, the amazing, the unbearable Dr Mysterio. If his act doesn't kill you his jokes might. See the Dr perform amazing slight of hand and head for your enjoyment and shock. See him in his spectacular stage show where audience volunteers may be dismembered, beheaded or even sent to the afterlife.

(Deadlands Park is legally obligated to advise the public the Dr Mysterio is not a registered MD and should not be counted on for lifesaving assistance.)


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You will believe...