This “sit-down” restaurant location will test your taste buds and resolve in our meat-locker themed location. 

Eat your meal before it eats you.

  • Finger Foods – a variety of small foods in the shapes of various types of human and creature fingers
  • Bill's Rawhide Chews - spicy beef jerky style strips
  • Gimme’ Some Skin - Fried skin (pig) pieces with raspberry and horseradish sauces
  • Carnivore's Delight – Seasoned meats in BBQ sauces
  • The Meathead - Sandwich "Pick & Eat"  style platter for the whole family on a souvenir skull
  • Intestinal Discomfort - Spicy and unique sausage experience
  • The vegetarian (made with real vegetarians)
    A mixture of vegetables, ground beef and spices, wrapped in a filo “skin” and deep fried to perfection. Served with your choice of mild medium or spicy blood sauce served on a kumara mash bed with broccoli.
  • Cranium Cakes in Jars - A Brain cake with cream frosting ropes serves in a souvenir specimen jar
  • Internal Distress - Puff pastry chocolate filled intestines
  • Zombie Brain Shooter - Grey Goose Vodka, lemon juice, Bailee's Irish cream and grenadine - Aim for the head!
  • Bloody Larry
  • Run-off Punch
  • Salmonella Swirl
Visual Theming

Hello meat... we are so happy to "have you" for dinner.  Dine in our fully themed meat-packing plant with conveyor belts that bring you your food and a horrifying visit from the chef.  

You are surrounded by a not so cold, not so fresh meat locker; complete with hanging cows and pigs and the occasional squeal as your food is "prepared".

Packages and Merchandise

Packages for food and stay may include VIP dinners and hotel experiences. (this is subject to availability)

Restaurant themed merchandise will be available soon.