The Show

A high-speed ride through the bowels of the underworld as you pay for your sins and come face to face with its creator.  Are you ready?  Prepare yourself… you’re Going Down.


-Sign outside

Take a ride straight down into the darkness of the underworld. You must have been very bad because you are Going Down.

The Ride:                                           

Guests take seats in golden chariot style carts and are locked in and take for a ride on this indoor rollercoaster taking them from their demise down into the bowels of hell for a torturous ride.

The ride begins as guests are taken up into misty clouds with choirs singing to the gates of heaven where an angel/St. Peter awaits

St Peter/Angel: Welcome to… oh no wait… (Suddenly he looks angry) NO! Not here. You don’t belong here … not YOU.   Down! Down you go!!

His voice changing and growing high-pitched and menacing as he transforms into a large devil like character and guests are sent plummeting backwards back down through the clouds through blue skies and “normal earth” then underground.

Suddenly, they stop and the bottom drops out sending their cars dropping straight down. Total blackness and a voice speaks as the chariots crash down . “Welcome to your eternal damnation… now where top put you all…”

The room is surrounded by mirrors so guests can see their golden carts.  Fog blasts at them and as it clears they see they are in old, burned, dilapidated mine style carts.  The gates ahead open and they are sent shooting out and through loops and spirals, visiting each of the nine rings of hell (Limbo–>Lust–>Gluttony–>Greed–>Anger–>Heresy–>Violence–>Fraud–>Treachery.

(ring details to come)


Theming details and specifics dependent.



Visual Proof Coming Soon...

Story Sequence
  • Guests walk through a fog filled queue and are ushered into battered up car style coast carts.
  • The carts take off slowly and very smoothly, climbing higher up into the heavens, harp music is played and a choir is heard
  • Guests are rejected by the angel at the gates and sent barreling backwards into hell
  • The cart stops shortly as a demon welcomes them and then the cart drops straight down
  • Guests spiral and loop through the tortures of hell
  • The carts stop and they are ushered to their own personal tortures that await each guest at elevator doors
  • Each guests personal hell is a different exit into the gift shop.

$23.99  - Sizes available: s,m,l,xl,xxl Sold Out

Have your paid for your sins lately?