This "eat & run" location is operated by Edie and her three daughters.  Make a quick stop here for the second best entrails in all of Deadlands. Step right up for a sausage-like experience you have never had.

Savoury Entrails
  • Bayou Bird - Charbroiled chicken, spices, ground veggies and rice
  • Lunch Meat - Ground bologna, cheeses, olives and bread crumbs
  • Ground Chucks - sirloin ground and charred, mixed with mashed potatoes and peas
  • Under the Boarder - Spiced ground beef, refried beans, cheese and jalapeños
Sweet Entrails
  • Crepe Suzanne - strips of crepe with caramel, ground orange slices and powdered sugar
  • Bile Brulee - A vanilla cream custard, crystallized inside the casing with cinnamon and fresh sweet cream
  • Riced Randy - Riced pudding filled casing with fresh sweet cream, vanilla and cinnamon

coming soon

Visual Theming

Each dish is a long sausage-like casing filled with sweet or savoury ingredients guaranteed to disgust you and leave your mouth-watering for more. For more flavors, check out the Drippings Station to add your preferred oozes, bloods (spicy or mild) and toppings.

Packages and Merchandise

Packages for food and stay may include VIP dinners and hotel experiences. (this is subject to availability)

Restaurant themed merchandise will be available soon.