The Show

Join Damien and Mordecai as they tell tales of the horrible deeds and sights they have seen while grave robbing… err digging in the graveyard here in the Deadlands.

Show Times

Night-time Shows and Locations:

  • 10:00am - Tombstone Square
  • 11:30am - The Docks
  • 12:30am - Deadlands Main Gate Entrance

Night-time Shows and Locations:

  • 6:30pm - Deadlands Main Gate Entrance
  • 8:30pm - The Docks

Visual Theming

Join the two resident grave diggers Damien and Mordecai as they regale you with sordid tales of living and working in the Deadlands.

Their spin-tingling stories may just seem like a take on tales you have heard before, but make no mistake the endings will leave you chilled to the bone and avoiding the shadows of the park all night long.


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2's company, 3's a corpse.