This "eat & run" location is home to the "The Creeper".  Your quick stop cook for the day is filled with surprises and stories.

  • Hack-aroni & Cheese - Ham body parts shaped pieces in gooey cheese with noodles
  • Creeper Cakes - Savoury cakes of some kind of seafood
  • Shrunken Heads - Cheesecake on a stick in a head shaped chocolate coating
  • Mini Blob - Cup of green Jell-O with gummy person trying to escape
  • Eye Candy - Realistic eyeball lollipops
  • Brain Candy - Red Rice-Cripsy Treats balls in hard packed brain shapes
  • Blood Samples - Clear peppermint blood sample slides  (choose human, monster or alien)
  • Creeper's Concoction

more to come

Visual Theming

This quick stop service is straight out of your nightmares.  The Creeper operates out of an old hearse, all food is served in themed "coffin" baskets" with a station to add your preferred oozes, bloods (spicy or mild) and toppings.

Packages and Merchandise

Packages for food and stay may include VIP dinners and hotel experiences. (this is subject to availability)

Restaurant themed merchandise will be available soon.