The Show

Your final wish is to be buried at sea…  but things in the Deadlands don’t stay dead long.  How long will you stay down?


Guests are guided onto a small dock title Mortimer's Seaside Burials and up onto the ship.  From there they queue up on the deck and are seated inside their single Coffin Boat.  Guests are then laid down into the boat and harnessed in.

Mortimer: "Welcome folks to Mortimer's Seaside Burials.  Now... we know yer' not quite dead but things don't tend to stay dead her in Deadlands park anyway so we figured... why wait!?  Don't worry, not much makes it out of here alive anyway and the lagoon is known for pushing those on the edge over."

Harness Attendant: "Any last words?  ... (no pause) ... No? Good".

The attendant pulls the lever and your coffin drops overboard and down onto the water  hole where the guests is sprayed with water.

Mortimer: "Now keep your hands and face down, there's all manners of creatures down here that would be happy to take that pretty little face of yours."

Guests slow down through the clear tunnel under the water.  Corpse hands scratch across the glass to get in and the a decomposing face appears.  The tube goes through a large bone yard and through the corpses of a massive creature.  The tube is attacked by large tentacles then and shaken by a large shark.

The coffin slides up a chute on the other side of the lagoon and into an incinerator.  Seat belt mechanisms are released, guests depart and are ushered out of their boats.


Theming details and specifics dependent.



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Story Sequence
  • Guests climb onto the ship and get into line
  • Guests board Coffin Boats
  • Guests are strapped in and story introduction is given
  • Coffins are dropped into the water and down below into tubes
  • Coffins speed up and slow down as it is attacked by a variety of creatures
  • The tube is shaken and guests barely get away
  • The coffin slows down and stops in the crematorium and guest exit at the incinerator

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