This "sit-down" restaurant location is home to the " Mother Ship".  Dine with your alien captors and unique foods in an immersive themed environment straight out of classic sci-fi films and stories.

  • Probe Sticks - Hydraulic (metallic colored) bread sticks
  • Cheese Invasion - Deep fried Mozzarella in won-ton space ships
  • Thing Rings - Squid Rings with a Bite
  • Captain J's Fight Back Feast - A variety platter featuring meats and sides from around the galaxy
  • The Autopsy -  A meat and veggie dish served in an edible alien shaped skin wrap
  • The Claw - Alien black bean and beef meatloaf claw (with onion and cheese) on tinted garlic mashed potatoes
  • Salad... yes just a salad with salad stuff in it (because your alien masters dictate that vegetarianism must be eradicated)
  • The Blob - Green Jell-O monster with gummy people inside
  • Mars's Marshmallow Madness - (green smores)  A thick slab of Martian rock pressing a green-mallow blob into chocolate oblivion
  • Alien Ooze
  • The Probe
Visual Theming

The mother-ship has landed and is taking over your meal.  Dine in fully themed space ship, where your food beams up from under your table’s center and your wait staff appear on screens to take your order. 

Themed foods based on alien cuisines are the order of the day as well as a few favorites borrowed from trips your alien hosts have experienced over the many visits to your planet.

Packages and Merchandise

Packages for food and stay may include VIP dinners and hotel experiences. (subject to availability)

Restaurant themed merchandise will be available soon.