The Venue

Welcome to Brimstone’s Club.  This underground dwelling has only one entry and no exits.  Which works out well… since no one ever leaves. 

Listen to live music and DJs; only the best your permanent host has to offer.

Musical Line-up

Please note unless otherwise directed there is a $5.00 cover charge for events at Brimstone's

Live Music:

Schedule Coming Soon

Live DJs:             

Schedule coming soon - if you are interested in performing at Brimstone's you don't need to commit a mortal sin... but it helps.  Otherwise just drop a note HERE and tell us what your soul is worth.

(more to come)

Visual Theming
  • Nightly schedules rotate the theme based on the 9 rings of hell
  • Guests enter via Crossroads bar above, either by an old broken and bared elevator or via drop seats from above
  • Live DJ's play regularly (digitally from their own locations and will take requests) Click here to play for us
  • All speakers are hidden behind pillars and fire pits
  • Floor projections seem as though the floor is burning and souls are leaping up at dancers

Concept Art: Final product may vary.


$23.99  - Sizes available: s,m,l,xl,xxl Sold Out

Party till you drop kiddies.