The Venue

Old ‘Scratch’ Bob is the proprietor of Crossroads, a roadhouse situated between South Rd. and West Rd.  Stop in and announce your sins, or walk on in and yell out what you would sell your soul for. 

Here at the Crossroads you never know who will be listening.

Exterior Theming

The outside of the Crossroads is a ramshackle old wooden building with broken and boarded up windows.  

A fiddle, banjo or guitar player sits out front, beckoning passers-by inside and tells them the tales and myths about selling your soul at a crossroad.

Interior Theming

The inside of the Crossroads is an old dilapidated roadhouse style bar with music on an old jukebox (playing just slightly slower than normal time).  The bar is set up in an L shape allowing visitors to enter from either the South or the West.

  • Bar seats adjust themselves.  Two separate seats allow for lowering into "hell" below via bartender controls.
  • An elevator in the back sends guests into the Brimstone's Club below.
        (Please note unless otherwise directed there is a $5.00 cover charge for events at Brimstone's.)
  • The bar top is covered with a series of circular burn marks resembling large rings. When certain specialty drinks are placed on these rings (served in clear glass mason jar type glasses) images and holograms are projected up into the glass (ghosts, skull and cross bones, acidic bubbles and tentacles, etc) and appear to move inside of the drink.
Overall Theming
  • The jukebox plays music off time
  • As special seats lower into "hell" below, flame and fog effect happen around the guest.
  • The Floor is an old highway with (simulated) black-top flooring, faded painted road lines and dirt edging where guests stand and sit at the bar.
  • Small tables are set up between parking lot lines.
  • Lighting changes from day, to dusk, to night, to dawn every hour.
  • Drag Me to Hell -  Order this large-scale cocktail and kiss your soul goodbye.  Buckle up, you're going down!  (includes free entry to Brimstone's Club)
  • The Old Scratch - Black underneath and red on the top, this one will burn down to your soul, while you still have one...
  • The Nine Circles - This multi layered gem features one layer for every level of hell you will experience... all the sweet torture... all at once.  Enjoy the ride.
  • Coffee and Brimstone - A Cafeine kick with a blend of exotic spices and a splash of the grim form the desert. 
    A Crossroads Special

$23.99  - Sizes available: s,m,l,xl,xxl Sold Out
This location deadicated in the memory of Old Man Coker, who died in his bed while reading Bram Stoker.