The Wing Details

This wing in the Facility will house Victorian style rooms which will include four-post beds for adults and wooden bunk beds for singles or children.

Each room will be well-appointed with elegant but dated (antique style) furniture and the ability to turn on and off the ambiance with a wall plate that can control lighting, noise and interactive effects as well as a dimmer for both light and sounds.

Internal Room Effects
  • Lights will flash on and off
  • Dimming and losing power
  • The sound of moaning and rattling noises, doors slamming sounds, someone heavy walking overhead, etc.
  • Scratching or knocking from outside or under your bed
  • Wall or ceiling movement and optical illusion effects (stretching drywall effect or optical writing, etc.)
  • Wall and shelf items falling from their place or furniture moved on their own
  • Bed, chair or couch randomly shaking
  • A haunted wakeup call
  • Mirrors that fog up on their own with warnings and spectres appearing behind you (may also be queued via audio queues: i.e. Bloody Mary, etc.)
  • Alarms with flashing biohazard warnings going off
  • Dimming and losing power
  • The sound of troops, etc. running behind the front door
  • Vehicle, gun and explosion effects and sounds outside
Exterior Courtyard

Each wing is detached from the others in the Facility and blocked out by berms or facades to maintain the illusion. The front of each wing empties (in its own themed way) into a courtyard for nightly events/shows and allows guests access to Deadlands Park.

As guests exit this wing, they are greeted with tranquil gardens and a hedge maze. The bushes and statues may come alive and turn to face them or reach out for them. All staff in this wing are uniformed as Victorian wait staff or Servants. Guests must work their through the gardens to reach the commons area where the fountain and stage are placed to exit to the park.

The maze helps set the mood especially when guests return to the wing and allow for a variety of picture-taking possibilities. Scheduled tours of this area are available. A shorter entrance to the wing is also available for the weary traveler.


Additional Packages

If approved participation is selected, guest may pay for a VIP experience which includes an area of the hotel that becomes completely haunted and interacts on both a physical and verbal level. Guests may be woken in the night and experience a poltergeist attack in their room. (this is elective and subject to availability)


Concept Art: Final product may vary.