The Show

Join us in our lab as we walk you through the steps a cell takes to become a weapon… what could possibly go wrong.


Guests enter the lab through the “VIP Tour Queue”

Lab Coat Guide: Welcome to Obscenicor Presents – Cellular Evolution. When we call your group number please come forward and your Tour Technician will guide you to your tram. Please keep all hands arms and legs inside the tram at all times and always keep your seat belts buckled… for your protection.

Guests are called up and walk to tram line where they enter the tram and the side doors are closed. Seat belts are checked by Tour Technicians and the Guide steps aboard the front cart, facing the group in typical tram tour fashion and speaks with a broad, happy smile.

Tour Guide: Welcome to Obscenicor Presents – Cellular Evolution. Today you will be taking a tour into the heart of what we do here at Obscenicor… Cellular Weaponization or what we here at Obscenicor call (finger quotes here) “Biological Peacekeeping”.

The tram begins to move from one boring lab vignette to another.

Tour Guide: Obscenicor is the leading biological lab whose technology is diversified from clean water systems in 3rd world countries to molecular subsonic breakdown particles rays. You can find our technology just about everywhere, from your toothpaste to a new selective form of napalm (still smiling).

Tram passes a large screen of a blown up microscopic view of a cell.
Tour Guide: Oh here we are in the Cell Division division. Let’s see what it is we are looking at now… Hey Mike, are you there?

Mike (lab tech voice): Yes I am here, what can I do for you (sounding annoyed)?

Tour Guide: What is it we are looking at?

Mike: Oh it is very exciting, today we are testing a way to inhibit a self-regulating cell, effectively halting the spread of a major catastrophic plagues like the one you see here… we... hold on (cell on the screen begins dividing rapidly).. What… James, what is happening..? Hold on I’ll be right b… (screen and sound goes dead)

Tour Guide: As you can see it is always exciting here (tram continues to move on) Our next view will be of the lab we were just speaking to.

Next view is a smoke filled lab with shapes moving around rapidly and a man in a suite slams against the glass before falling out of view.

Tour Guide: Not to worry folks, we have protocols for this sort of thing (still smiling, picking up radio) Alpha 6, this is Tram 449, we have a code 42 at stop 8, do you copy.

Radio Voice: Copy Tram 449, code 8 at stop 42. Maintain your course and do not deviate, suspend all further tours and await orders. Copy?

Tour Guide: Roger that Alpha 6 on route. (hangs up radio) Sorry folks, it looks like we will have to cut this tour short. (Tram and ground shakes hard from an explosion somewhere) whoa… OK that is not part of the tour.
Alarms go off loudly.

Overhead Announcement: Warning, warning, this is a class 5 breach and containment issue, all staff please respond to level 1 building 8.
Tour Guide: That’s’ this building. Reaches under his seat and grabs a shotgun. Ok folks. Sit tight and do not move, I will be right back. (cocks shotgun and runs off)

Another two explosions and the tram rocks hard and begins creeping forward then moving at normal speed. Animatronics on a further two walls are torn apart and still attempting to move in a disturbing way.
Each open area shows a more and more destroyed lab, fog rolling out of the broken windows and shapes moving in it.

The tram enters a lab label Warning Live Organisms and the track it is on is surrounded by fog and smoke. Things seems to be moving under the fog around the gusts legs, things brush up against their legs as the tram continues to move.

Tour Guide: Can you guys here me? I am almost there … wait where did you go? Where’s my tram!?! Oh god … oh god what is that… why did you leave me!!!?? Argghh...

Sounds of the guide being torn apart are heard as his screams die away. Suddenly a soldier appears next to the train, scaring passengers in the back and side.

Soldier: What in the hell are you people still doing here (running alongside the moving tram) this area was cleared out hours ago! (Soldier climbs aboard hitting buttons and punching the console). Damn it, this thing is stuck; I cannot release your belts. OK listen up people, if you want to survive we are all gonnna' have to ride this thing out. I have to warn you no one has come this way since that thing got loose… just… just hold on!

The soldier stands in the front of the tram gun pointed ahead. As the tram passes more lab windows, shapes are banging on the glass including human like faces and hands. Walls seem to be falling down, more explosions and water shooting out of pipes, lots of steam and fog as the tram enters a falling lab exit marked area.

Soldier: OK people… get ready we are almost out of here.. oh … shit! Get down!!

The Soldier opens fire as the tram rounds a corner and we see what is left of the lab with tentacles and strange blobs and shapes oozing out of every corner, door and cabinet. Remains of the Tour Guide are grasped in on f the tentacles. In one cracked window a giant angry eye opens and closes as the tentacle arms reach for the tram. The soldier drops out of the tram and runs to the panel marked “System Overrides” and starts pushing buttons.

Soldier: The only way to stop this is to blow the whole thing. This is gonna be close.

The soldier runs up and puts the tram in gear.

Soldier: I will try to keep it back, you all go on and push for the exit. Good luck.

The soldier jumps down and stands by the exit, shooting at the tentacles over the exit reaching for the tram. The tentacles jerk back just in time for the tram to pass and the tram goes through a second door marked Lab Exit Blast Shields. There is a loud explosion and the whole are and tram rock and shake hard. A final door opens and the tram exits back in the museum and exhibition hall.

Tour Technician: Thank you for visiting Obscenicor Presents – Cellular Evolution. We do apologize for the.. ahem “inconvenience” today and hope that you will visit us again for another tour once we have cleaned up the unfortunate mess. I have been authorized to offer you a complimentary tour on your next visit. Just tell them at the desk when you make your reservations and thank you for visiting us here at Obscenicor.

Guests belts are released and they exit through the “Tour Exit and Gift Shop”


Theming details and specifics dependent.



Visual Proof Coming Soon...

Story Sequence
  • Guests enter the lab through the “VIP Tour Queue”
  • They are escorted in groups to their “tour tram”
  • The Tour begins with 3D projection and animatronics
  • Each station shows the cell growing in real time and expanding
  • Lab techs work on cell and one drops a petri dish
  • The train stops quickly and announcer exits
  • The train starts without him and moves through a destroyed lab
  • Soldier catches up with the group
  • Tram pushes through wreckage and infected lab
  • Tram encounters final grotesque “boss” and escapes
  • Doors close behind final tram cart and the facility is destroyed with self-destruct sequence
  • Guests exit tram and leave facility

Biological Peacekeeping: The Future of War