The Show

The dead are hungry and the audience is ready for a fight! Thanks for volunteering... Now you just have to survive.


Guests enter the graveyard and are greeted by the Grave Diggers.

Grave Digger: Guests are “volunteered” to fight the dead by being led in groups of 8 into one of 3 side by side “fight pits”.

Announcer: Good day fight fans! Are you ready to see if our Volunteers have what it takes to survive the Pits?

Guests are lined up against the walls.

Attendant: It’s OK just stay against the wall and they cannot get to you… usually. You should be fine.

Announcer: Here we go ladies and gentlemen, let your favourite know you are rooting for them before they die!

Attendant leaves and the circle begins to spin, picking up speed and pressing the volunteers tightly against the wall.
As the floor drops out from below them and they are pressed tightly against the wall, the centre of the floor raises and zombies strapped to large stakes raise up.

The centrifugal force drags the snarling zombies closer to the guests who cannot move. Just as they start to get too close for comfort, the announcer pulls the stop lever and the zombies are lowered into the floor as it rises up to the volunteer’s feet and they slowly are released from their wall.

Announcer: (disappointed) Congratulations, you all survived. Come back soon for the next round of fights everyone. With any luck the next one will be a bit more (sighs) interactive.

Guests are released and exit through the victors circle exit, lined with posters of winners (images of themselves pressed against the wall with zombies close to them or funny expressions on their faces).


Theming details and specifics dependent.



Visual Proof Coming Soon...

Story Sequence
  • Guests enter queue
  • Guests are led down into one of three pits and lined up on their “battle marks” against the wall
  • Attendant gives them a warning and helps them
  • Announcer begins the spinning
  • The floor drops out from under them as the middle of the circle rises up with tied up undead
  • The dead lean closer as the spinning hits its peak
  • Announcer makes ending statement
  • The dead are sent back underground
  • The floor comes back up to meet the volunteers
  • The spinning stops
  • Volunteers are allowed to exit and see their posters

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