The Show

Climb aboard your coffin as you are raised into the air and buried deep into the ground.


Guests enter the graveyard and are greeted by the Grave Diggers.
Grave Digger: Hello and welcome to your funeral, how many of you are deceased?
(the number is sorted and lined up in the queue)

Guests are ushered onto creaky wooden platforms and up to coffins standing upright, with benches for 1 in each one. They are loaded in and each harness is latched tightly and double checked.

The coffin doors are closed on each guest (open areas for viewing in intricate shapes are cut out at various levels).

Grave Digger announcement: Welcome to your funeral folks, the eulogies are done the mourners have all gone home and now it is your time to get in the ground…

The coffins shake hard as the sound of digging gets louder and louder.
Grave digger: Right, no sense in putting up a fight… here we go!
The Coffins shake hard and are rocketed up into the air to the top of the long monolith grave type tower. They stop suddenly.

Grave Digger: What’s this.. huh seems yer’ not dead. Oh well you will be soon (coffins tip forward and doors open up, locking open). Well no point in stopping now, times a wastin’… in yah go!

Coffins plummet down at high-speed toward the platform that guests were standing on that now appears to be an open grave covered with fog. Coffins plummet into the fog (into trap doors where platform was) and underground, through dug out graves.

Coffins stop and guests are released to exit                
Grave Digger: Welcome to your final resting place… or some of you anyway.  For the rest… we will see you again soon.

Guests exit through the gift shop.


Theming details and specifics dependent.



Visual Proof Coming Soon...

Story Sequence
  • Harnesses are double checked
  • Guests are launched high into the air on the shovel tower
  • Coffins pause at the top
  • Lower platforms withdraw
  • Coffins tip forward showing guests fog rolling out of their graves
  • Guests plummet at high-speed down into the fog and underground
  • Coffins stop and gusts are released from them
  • Guests exit ride into underground gift shop

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